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Quality and Affordable Electronics

Here at Zit Electronics store, we guarantee quality across our wide range of products. Most products come with 1-2 year manufacturer warranty. We also offer pay on delivery method of payment on most items on our platform.


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Explore Cheap and Quality Products on ZIT Electronics Online Store

Explore a wide range of cheap, quality, top-notch and budget-friendly electronics and home appliances on Zit Electronics Online Mall. Our wide range of reliable and dependable products have been carefully selected for your shopping pleasures ranging from generators, home theatres, blenders, refrigerators and freezers and a host of other durable perfectly crafted products. We offer you cut-throat prices as never seen before in Nigeria with quality assurance in check, what more can you ask for as we are always and ever ready, 24 hours every day to listen to you. 

Zit Electronics Online Store is proudly Nigeria’s number one online destination situated in the biggest electronic market in Africa. We pride ourselves with a 24-hour delivery service within Lagos State and less than 7 days nationwide. Our customer service representatives are always there to help you through any hassle even after ordering and delivering to you. We are a strong, reliable and consistent brand, and we’d do everything possible to make sure that your convenience and satisfaction remains our number one priority. We've also created a flexible payment plan for customers: also known as "Pay Small Small".

Zit Electronics online Store features a wide range of durable, reliable, trustworthy, cheap and efficient home, office and outdoor products. We aim to bring to your doorstep dependable products with effective warranty services such as HisenseSamsungSonyNexusMideaPolystarLGMaxiSkyrunQasaCenturyFirmanElepaqHondaHaier and a host of other established products you can think of. 

We have carefully selected an array of stable, strong and reliable generators with optimum performance guaranteed such as the new and improved Sumec Firman 4.5Kva Key Starter Generator With Timer AC Master - AC6000E2 and the Elepaq 10Kva constant generator SV22000. These are generators with absolute class and rugged performance. The 9Kva Sumec Firman ECO12990ES generator is not left out when talking about dependable and stable generators. This generator has the capacity of powering about three air conditioners depending on their capacity and several freezers too. Do you desire to use something not too massive and high in KVA? Then consider our mid-ranged KVA generators such as the Elepaq 4.5Kva Constant generator SV6800E2Firman 2.9Kva SPG3000E2 with key starterSumec 3.2Kva NG3990 generator with Timer SwitchSenwei 2.8Kva Key starter generator SV6200E2 and a host of other costs effective durable generators.

Immerse yourself with our sharp collection of picture-perfect televisions ranging from Smart, Full HD, 4K UHD and a combination of LED TVs. Our Smart TVs deliver all the standout features you want in a TV with bright colours and rich contrast without stretching your budget. Our dynamic selections range from the ever-growing and leading brands such as SamsungSony, LG, Hisense, Polystar, Skyrun, Panasonic and a whole lot of dependable brands with cutthroat prices.

Refrigerators and freezers are an integral part of our daily lives. We are always in need of that appliance that eases us the stress of trying to keep our food, beverages and vegetables cool, preserved and fit for consumption. Isn’t it beautiful to pick something chilly enough to cool us down after a very hot and scorching day? This is why we have arranged a vast array of refrigerators and freezers to suit and complete your home and kitchen. Our fridges consist of single doors, double doors, side by side, bedside and the magnificent and newly improved Hisense double door fridge with dispenser. You can never go wrong with our top brand selection of freezers and fridges ranging from ThermocoolLGNexus, Hisense, Midea, Skyrun, Bruhm, Scanfrost, Polystar and other great brands not mentioned.

Give your kitchen an inviting look with our collection of gas cookers. Buy gas cookers online from Zit Electronics Store. Our gas cookers are reliable and durable with minimal gas consumption. Designs range from tabletopsstanding gas cookers with electric and gas ovens, gas cookers with burners and electric cookers of different designs and brands. We are always ready and willing to assist you in selecting your preferred choice by giving you recommendations that suit your taste. Scanfrost, Polystar, Nexus, Midea, Skyrun, Maxi and so many other brands are available for your choice of selection. 

At Zit Electronics Online Store, we offer you the best and most convenient home appliances. Our wide range of general home appliances is perfectly picked to keep you on the go. Explore a variety of quality home appliances such as blenders, juicers, yam pounders, washing machinespressing ironsfansmicrowaves and many more.

Get the best-discounted prices on any appliance from Zit Electronics Store. Shop with us and enjoy discounted rates, flexible payment options with fast and convenient shipping and delivery of your orders and a top-notch before and after-sales services.

Worrying about the sudden malfunction of your newly purchased or used products?

Brace yourself as our warranty services and 7-days policy are reliable and effective. We shall come running to assist you in any location possible.

Shop with us at Zit Electronics Online Store and enjoy great service and value for your money.