1. We are Storming the Last Black Friday in 2019 with Amazing Deals

    We are Storming the Last Black Friday in 2019 with Amazing Deals


    Wow!  The last Black Friday for the year is only one day away.  Are you loaded with cash to order your electronics before the chance passes you by? 

    There are a lot of Black Friday offers out there that you probably. You don’t have to worry. We not only offer you the best deals and prices on all electronics but also advise you based on what fits your budget, lifestyle, interiors, and goals.

    Today has our biggest Black Friday deals. You are welcome to explore all our communication channels to reach out to us.  

    You will find us on: 

    Facebook - Zitmall

    Instagram - ZitNigeria

    Whatsapp - +2347060595905   


    Products like Flat Screens, Refrigerators, Freezers, Generators, Blenders, Hot Plates are the products with the most amazing deals on our Black Friday offer for this year.  

    We have brands like LG, Samsung, Nexus, Hisense, Binatone and many other amazing brands you love to get any time any day!

    To check more products available on discounts, check our website www.zit.ng or use the chat button on our website to talk to any of our sales agents. 

    See some products price highlights below: 


    • Binatone Electric Cooker (Single Burner)

    Old Price: N8,750

    New Price: N6,250


    • Binatone 2.2 Liter Multi-Cooker

    Old Price: N13,900

    New Price: N9,900


    • Binatone Blender

    Old Price: N12,490

    New Price: N9,590


    Visit Here To Check More Black Friday Discount 

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  2. Awesome Electronics You Can Get On Black Friday For HUGE Discounts

    Awesome Electronics You Can Get On Black Friday For HUGE Discounts

    This is the Black Friday season and it seems you can’t get a hang of some products because you just can’t figure how the discounts could make a difference to your purse.


    This is also the time of the year where you’d probably love to change the look of your home and add an exciting feel to it. 


    What’s more interesting is the fact that you can get your everyday household electronics with discounts that your pockets will thank you for. For instance, at www.zit.ng  there are a lot of electronics that are presently on the Black Friday deal. Check out some below:

    How can you take advantage of these awesome Black Friday deals?


    All you’ve got to do is, visit our website www.zit.ng , select the product you’d love to buy and add it to your cart. Our customer care representative would reach out to you immediately.


    You can just send us a WhatsApp message +2348060036950 or +2347060595905 and let us know when you want us to deliver right at your doorstep within 24 hours!


    Here are some hot deals for you right now...

    Poly Star PV-JP50SDU2100BD 131000 https://zit.ng/50-inch-pv-jp50sdu2100bd-curved-smart-4k-uhd-tv.html
    Samsung 24 Inches T.V 47000 https://zit.ng/samsung-24-led-tv.html
    Poly Star PV-HD22D15E 27,500 https://zit.ng/catalog/product/view/id/889/s/polystar-22-inch-led-tv-pv-hd22d15e/
    Poly Star PV-JP32D1100 50,000 https://zit.ng/catalog/product/view/id/890/s/polystar-32-inch-hd-led-television-pv-jp32d1100-black/
    Poly Star PV-JP325DU1100BD 52000  
    BINATONE Rice cooker RCSG 2804 24,000 https://zit.ng/catalog/product/view/id/893/s/binatone-rice-cooker-rcsg-2804/
    BINATONE Table Top Gas Cooker SSGC-0002 22000 https://zit.ng/binatone-table-top-stainless-steel-gas-cooker-ssgc-0003.html
    BINATONE Table Top Gas Cooker SSGC-0003 19000 https://zit.ng/binatone-table-top-stainless-steel-gas-cooker-ssgc-0003.html
    Binatone Air cooler BAC-220 61000 https://zit.ng/binatone-air-cooler-4-way-auto-deflection-bac-220.html
    Binatone Air cooler BAC-340 65000  
    Binatone Air cooler BAC-430 76000 https://zit.ng/catalog/product/view/id/896/s/binatone-air-cooler-auto-deflection-bac-430/
    Lutian Generator LT3990 76000 https://zit.ng/lutian-3-5kva-ecological-series-generator-lt3990e-key-start-new-model.html
      Top Light Inverter Battery 200AMP 78000 https://zit.ng/top-light-12v-200ah-deep-cycle-gel-inverter-battery.html
    Firman Generator FPG 3800E2 2.8KVA 88000 https://zit.ng/sumec-firman-generator-with-key-starter-2-8kva-fpg-3800e2-100-copper.html
    Tiger TG1200|1550 22500 https://zit.ng/catalog/product/view/id/888/s/tiger-generator-tg1200-1550/
      Kettles and Jugs
    Binatone Water Kettle CEJ-1710 (STAINLESS) 8500 https://zit.ng/binatone-1-7l-stainless-steel-electric-kettle-cej-1710.html
    Binatone Water Kettle CEJ-1750 (BLACk) 7000  
    Binatone Water Kettle CEJ-1780 (BLACK) 7200 https://zit.ng/binatone-cej-1780-electric-jug-black.html
    Binatone Digital V. Regulator DVS-2000   20,000 https://zit.ng/binatone-digital-v-stabiliser-dvs-2000.html
    Binatone Digital V. Regulator DVS-5000 36,000 https://zit.ng/binatone-digital-voltage-stabilizer-dvs-5000.html
    Binatone Wall Mount Stabilizer WMS 2000  18,000 https://zit.ng/binatone-wall-mount-stabilizer-wms-2000.html
    Binatone Wall Mount Stabilizer WMS 5000 36,500 https://zit.ng/binatone-binatone-wall-mount-stabilzer-wms-5000.html


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  3. Shopping On a Tight Budget?

    Shopping On a Tight Budget?

    It is the dream of every shopper to always stay on budget and get value for things bought. We know the feeling so do not worry, no matter your budget, there is always something for you at  Zitmall, no matter your budget size, you stand the chance of purchasing amazing electronics products.

    Here are the best ways to go about it

    1. Stay tuned to this space for our discounts

    At Zit.ng we run amazing promos with mouth-watering discounts from time to time. Our last promo was the weekend fiesta and prize slash that happened in the month of September. Get ready for November because we are bringing you more discounts.

        2. Leverage on delivery services

    Coming all the way to get your electronics products may cost you more, leverage on our 24 hours delivery system in Lagos. You just make the order and we are right there to deliver it to your doorstep without any hitch and without you having to spend so much more time and money.

       3. Go for products within your budget range

    You have heard that there is always something for everyone at www.zit.ng. Check our wide range of electronic products and make your pick.

       4. Add your favourite products to the cart

    With this, you can always come back and purchase your favourite products without coming back to search for it over and over again. We can also remind you of your favourite products anytime you are ready.


    A shoestring budget shouldn’t stop you from purchasing your favourite items, you only need a product within your budget range and also plan ahead for the bigger products you want.


    By planning ahead get ready for our November black Friday Sales. It is going to be massive!  


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  4. Five Ways You Can Maintain Your Electronics To Last Longer

    Five Ways You Can Maintain Your Electronics To Last Longer


         5 Ways You Can Maintain Your Electronics To Last Longer

    Everything we buy and own needs constant maintenance if we want to enjoy them, even our electronic products need good care and proper maintenance if we want them to last long. 

    It is also important to care for our electronic products if we don’t want to lose valuable contents stored on them.


    Also to prevent an electrical surge from damaging our electronics, in some extreme cases, not caring for our electronics could lead to burns and even fire outbreak in the home or office space.


    Hence, there is a need for you to know how to maintain your electronic devices.


    Here are five general tips on how to maintain your  electronic devices:

    1.  Keep them in the right location or position: Place your electronic products in a place where it is not exposed to heat or cold. Make sure you keep your electronics in a place that allows for easy airflow.

    2.  Carefully Clean Your Device: Since you use your devices often, your devices are prone to attach themselves with dirt. This dirt needs to be carefully removed to avoid device damage.

    Follow these processes to remove dirt:

    • For your Tv, clean screens with a lightly moistened microfiber cloth wiped gently across the surface, make sure you do not exert pressure on the screen.
    • Use another microfiber cloth to dry the surface and polish it gently.
    • Remove the remains on the screen by blowing air across the screen.
    • Use toothpick wrapped in a ball of wool to remove hidden dirt 

    3.  Avoid Overcharging.


    Overcharging can damage your electronic devices. Unplug your device once you discover that your devices reach full charge. Because overcharging reduces the battery shelf life of your devices, it can also damage the chargers in the long run.

    4. Encase Your Device: It is very imperative to encase your devices such as phone to protect it when it accidentally drops. The casing of your device has a way of increasing the lifespan of your devices. Endeavour to always have something to protect your devices.

    5. Backup Your Content: Lastly, back up your content on your electronic devices. It could be a painful thing when there is breakage or loss of a device and you have valuable content( which includes contacts, texts, media, and documents). To avoid this, it is advisable that you to backup everything or important content by cloud services like Dropbox, icloud, Google Drive e.t.c  Once you backup your content, you can easily restore to your new device or old one once it has been repaired.

    For constant and durable supply of electronics, visit www.zit.ng 

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  5. Tips to Help Keep Your Refrigerator Clean and Fresh

    Tips to Help Keep Your Refrigerator Clean and Fresh


     Sometimes we may be overwhelmed with other tasks such that something as trivial as cleaning the refrigerator may not occur to you to do. But in the midst of so many tasks, have you ever considered that a place where you keep most of your food items need to be given priority?. Yes, because food items and groceries are usually a suitable habitat for some harmful microorganisms to grow and these microorganisms can pose some serious threats to our health.

     So here are 5 tips to help you keep your refrigerator clean and fresh!


     Keep your items in a container: This is an easy way to maintain order and freshness in the refrigerator.buy small plastics containers such as baskets,this depends on the food items you are storing. For example, you can put the eggs in a small basket. Make sure you do this for all the small items you have in your refrigerator.

      Clean with Bicarbonate of soda. Another way to maintain freshness is by cleaning the refrigerator with bicarbonate soda, this leaves your refrigerator with a nice smell. Simply make a paste of hot water and soda. Then proceed to cleaning the interior of the refrigerator with a small, soft napkin damped with the paste. Use another clean cloth to rinse off then and dry with kitchen roll. This method is effective for refrigerators that are not so dirty.

      Remove any spoilt food items. Spoilt food items will most likely give your refrigerator a bad small. If you don't want that to happen, ensure you throw away any item that has gone bad. Also, avoid keeping food items that have a short shelf life in the refrigerator.

     Declutter. Some things don't have to be inside the refrigerator. If you have small potatoes in your fridge, it's time to move them to the cabinet. Keep only items that should be refrigerated inside the refrigerator.

    Looking to buy a refrigerator within your budget? check out our range of durable generators at www.zit.ng and get the best deals.

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  6. Payment Options you can conveniently choose from when shopping from Zit Nigeria

    Payment Options you can  conveniently choose from when shopping from Zit Nigeria

    For your household, office, church, mosque electronics, you can count on Zitmall. Zitmall is an online shopping mall for quality electronic products, we give you the best shopping experience in an easy and convenient way. With just three clicks, we will get your products to you.


    Our Payment and Delivery Services

    Zitmall is your best bet when it comes to easy, fast and efficient product delivery. At Zitmall platform accepts payment from any Nigerian debit card that has the interswitch logo on it. We also receive cash and payment on delivery which makes it easy and convenient and flexible for you. We make our delivery in 72 hours after your order is adequately placed. We also do delivery in 24 hours.


    Why Zitmall

    Zitmall is among the best online stores in Nigeria, we have good customer relationship and we give you quality and durable electronic products at affordable prices. shopping online with us is seamless because at www.zit.ng our goal is your satisfaction.

    Some of the products to look out for on our platforms are air conditioners, deep freezers, microwave ovens, cookers, vacuum cleaners, sound systems, televisions, generators, fans, inverters and so many more.

    The good news is that we are offering payment on delivery. To get started, click here to chat with us on whatsapp 09090160621 


    Check out our amazing products with amazing discounts at  www.zit.ng and place your orders.


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  7. Best Products to get Huge Discount on When Shopping Online

    Best Products to get Huge Discount on When Shopping Online


    Buying quality electronics appliances online is now easy in Nigeria with zitmall. 

    Are you looking for an online shopping website for Electronics?  Looking for where to buy Televisions, Sound systems, kitchen gadgets, generators, refrigerators e.t.c at an affordable price? 

    Then you are in the right place, check out our wide range of electronics products from top brands such LG, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony, Polystar, TCL, Scanfrost, and others with amazing features that will captivate your mind. 

    Enjoy our special discounts on Electronics for your home, office and hotels for the rest of September at www.zit


    Your number one electronics store

    Zitmall is your number one choice for  LED TVs, Smart Televisions, LCD TVs, Ultra HD TVs and 3D Smart TVs for your home cinema, watching football and also are you looking for a way to turn your living room to live Karaoke and sound for a party? You get all of these from our products at www.zit.ng

    We currently have in stock a great range of quality Televisions such as Polystar Full HD 22 Inches LED TV for 30,000. Samsung 32" N5000 Full HD TV for ₦72,450. Samsung 24 Inch HD LED TV for ₦43,125. For more information on these products and other electronic products visit www.zit.ng

    We deliver your purchased items right to your doorstep within 24hours in Lagos your location is not a problem. We deliver it to you without any stress and worry. Should have any questions or enquiries, you can call 08033223270 or 09090160621



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  8. Enjoy Massive Discount on your Favourite Products this Weekend!

    Enjoy Massive Discount on your Favourite Products this Weekend!

    It’s not only the time to shop with ease and convenience but also time to enjoy amazing discounts at www.zit.ng.  Whether you are moving into your new home or you are looking to spice up your home with better electronics, you are in the right place. 


    Zitmall is your number one online shopping mall for office, household electronics, home and kitchen appliances. Here at Zitmall, we deal in quality electronic gadgets and appliances. Join the rest of our happy customers that will be participating in our weekend fiesta this weekend. 


    What is Weekend Fiesta? It’s our weekend sales that allow you to buy your favourite household or office electronics at discounted prices. Precisely, you will enjoy up to 80% discount.


    Are you wowed already? It doesn’t just end there, you also get to enjoy amazing discounts for the rest of September but on weekends, up to 80% off your purchase. So hurry now; don’t miss this weekend amazing deals. 


    To participate, follow the steps below:


    1. Go to www.zit.ng
    2. Click on Zit shopping fiesta 
    3. Search for the category of products that you want
    4. Add the product to your cart
    5. Purchase and we get it delivered to you in Lagos within 24hrs
    6. Alternatively, you can chat up our customer support to order and pay on delivery 


    To know our next whooping discount offers or amazing new products alerts, sign up for our product and discount update here   https://zit.ng/shop-fiesta-sign-up 


    Should you have any inquiries or questions to ask:  call 08033223270, 09090160621. 


    Here is a sneak peek at some of the products you will be getting discounts on

    1. Zit Full Led 32" TV (for as low as 30,000)

    With the following key features:

    • Screen Size: 32-Inch 
    • Speaker System: 2.0 ch 
    • HDMI Port X2  
    • AV x2 
    • Antenna Input 
    • Audio Codec AC3 (Dolby Digital), AAC, FLAC, PCM, MP3


    With Our TV collections, you can connect your entertainment devices and enjoy games and TV movies. Our TV collections are carefully designed with stylish frames and high resolution. We have on stock different collections from Samsung, LG, Sony, etc.

    Get your favourite products at affordable prices and enjoy great value for your money.


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