13 Facts about Hisense Brand and Products that you don't know.

13 Facts about Hisense Brand and Products that you don't know.

You’re this avid online shopper looking for the best deals when buying electronics. In the past, you’ve bought from different brands.

Some product brands fit the description, while others left you having the dreaded buyer’s remorse.

We all have been in same scenario before. I feel and understand your pain right?

Okay! Now, you’re fed up of buying from other brands and you’re willing to try out something new.

You’ve stumbled upon HISENSE BRAND of electronics. Let’s assume you’ve scanned the internet looking for articles that expresses and clearly depicts Hisense status as a credible electronics brand.

As a Nigerian, we know Data is Expensive! We’ve figured you’ve wasted a considerable amount of data trying to know more about Hisense Electronics. We get it totally!

This is why we have taken out time to clearly give you accurate information about the Hisense Brand and their Products or Services.

Before you resign your fate to purchasing substandard or highly expensive electronics, what if I told you you’ll surely get hooked to buying Hisense Brand of electronics after reading this article?

What if I told you you’ll be saving almost 50% off the cost of purchasing TVs, refrigerators, freezers and ACs - all having even better features than most brands you’ve come across before?

What if I told you the cost of maintenance is absolutely  ZERO? NADA?

Now, get your mind ready to be blown away. Get ready to have your curiosity cured!

Here are 13 facts about Hisense you don’t know:


13 Facts about Hisense| Hisense Building|

Hisense – also known as “Highsense Infotech” – is a Chinese multinational major appliance and electronics manufacturer headquartered in Qingdao, Shandong Province, China.

It is a state-owned enterprise with publicly traded subsidiaries.

At the very infant stage of its development, they - Hisense – started making radios.

Then they gradually metamorphosed to making and manufacturing televisions and other household electronics and appliances. This was a calculated move as the world was beginning to embrace digital technology. As at then, the world began embracing the technology revolution. Hisense capitalized on this and started rolling out different types of electronics like major appliances, televisions, set-up boxes, digital television broadcasting equipment, laptops, mobile phones, wireless modules, wireless PC cards and optical components for the Telecommunications and Data communications industries.

I know as Nigerians, when the idea or thought of products manufactured in China crosses our path, we tend to term them as “Chinko”, “Substandard”.

Well, the revelation is that ½ the world’s production of raw materials, electronics, mobile phone equipment, actually takes place in China.

2).  HISENSE SELLS UNDER MULTIPLE BRAND NAMES: As with every daring and successful corporation, business, individual or entrepreneur, there’s this potency to dominate a new or already existing market. Hisense were able to buy stakes or shares in the following companies:

i)Gorenje:With a continent-wide market share of 4%, it is one of the eight largest manufacturers of home appliances in Europe, Hisense were able to acquire 100% shares of Gorenje in 2018. Hisense retained the brand name so as to maintain and conquer the electronics market in Europe.

ii)Combine: Hisense also bought a stake in this company. This company majorly deals in production of “NO FRILLS” air conditioners and refrigerators. Combine-branded products may be purchased by Chinese farmers. This was done to make these products ridiculously cheap and affordable.

NB: A no-frills or no frills service or product is one for which the non-essential features have been removed to keep the price low.

iii)Hisense-Hitachi: This is a brand or air conditioners designed and manufactured by a joint venture between Hisense and Hitachi.

iv)Kelon: They’re a high-end brand. They majorly deal in the production of air conditioners and refrigerators.

v)Ronshen: Middle-end retailers of air-conditioners and refrigerators.

vi)Toshiba: Biggest producers in all things electronics. Hisense bought 95% stake of the company after a $114 million deal was agreed.

vii)Sharp: One of the Big Makers of TVS in North and South America. Hisense bought rights to use the Sharp brand on Televisions in the Americas.


3). 13 MANUFACTURING FACILITIES IN CHINA: In the course of trying to expand its thriving conglomerate, Hisense were able to build 13 manufacturing facilities in china. This particular move is hinged on the fact that manpower or labor is relatively cheap in China.

What this means: The more hands on deck, the faster the production or manufacturing of these products. As a brand with massive product categories, Hisense needed to keep up with the worldwide demand for its products - from Europe, to the Americas, to sub-Saharan Africa, to the middle-east, and Asia.

4)HISENSE TVS COMES IN SEVERAL VARIETIES: With its astonishing product assortment, Hisense became a global brand. This feat was replicated in its television category. Hisense possess a wide assortment of televisions. All comes with amazing features that literally blows your mind away.

Here are the varieties and their amazing features:


ii. 4K ULED TVS: 75” 4K ULED TV, 4 HDMI, 2 USB DIVX, 1 AV, SMART, WI-FI. View Product

Hisense 75 4K ULED m6020 |

iii. 4K UHD TVS: 75” 4K UHD TV, 4 HDMI, 2 USB DIVX, 1 AV, SMART, SATELLITE, WI-FI. View Product 

Hisense 75" B7500

iv. HD TVS: 43” LED HD TV, 2 HDMI, 2 USB DIVX, 1 AV, VGA-RGB. View Product 

Hisense 43" Led HD TV

5). PROVIDES A VARIETY OF SERVICES: Hisense deals in real estate and property management. They also provide other services that aid the growth and speed of technology. This makes them Jack of all trade, master of all.

Services provided by Hisense:

Property Management

Information Technology services

Product Design

Mold Design

Pattern Making

6). HISENSE A HAS DUAL-TECH COOLING FEATURE FOR SOME OF ITS REFRIGERATORS: The dual-tech cooling system in the fridge and the freezers maintain the ideal humidity level in each compartment, and this helps to prevent odour transfer and stops the stored food from drying out. This feature also helps to keep the taste of your food or meal intact. Due to the epileptic power situation in Nigeria, as a user of this refrigerator(s), you won’t have to worry about your soups, fruits, beverages getting spoilt.

7).  HISENSE ANDROID TELEVISIONS ARE DEVELOPED WITH TTS [Text-to-speech]: This functionality was designed to aid or help visually impaired people. This amazing feature is common on most android Smartphone, but Hisense was able to replicate this on their android televisions. Blind citizens can easily select or listen to options while trying to view or watch a particular movie or TV show of their choice. This TTS [Text-to-speech] comes with a variety of languages that anyone can choose from, depending on which language the user prefers. Quality products - likewise ease-of-use – don’t discriminate. Everyone is entitled to the good things in life, irrespective of your condition. Hisense took this into consideration while manufacturing their Android TVS.

8). HISENSE IS AN OEM (ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURER): An original equipment manufacturer can be regarded as a company that manufactures or produces parts and equipment that can or may be marketed by another manufacturer. What this means is this: Other brands in same industry as Hisense, often come to them to demand that specific products they would wish Hisense produces or creates for them. These products are based on the requirements of the company for whom Hisense is building the products for. These products are still of very high quality, but they are built to the OEM specification instead of from Hisense branded target market specifications. This shows that Hisense usually come up with better product design, tailored to the taste of the other brands needing them. The brands get to use their own brand name on the products too. 

How cool!

9). OWNERS OF SHARP TELEVISION AND TOSHIBA INSURANCE: In a major development in the consumer electronics industry, Hisense, one of China’s largest TV makers, and fourth-largest in the world, acquired the North American Manufacturing assets of Japan-based SHARP, as well as securing brand name rights for the U.S. market. Now, Hisense manufactures all TVs bearing the Sharp brand name in the U.S. The license for Hisense to use the SHARP brand name has a term of five years from 2015 with an option to extend. This also led to the purchase of a Mexico facility from SHARP for $23.7 million. In the same move to dominate the electronics, Hisense, in November 2017, announced that it would acquire a 95% controlling stake in TOSHIBA insurance for $113 million. Toshiba is a Japanese multinational conglomerate headquartered in Minato, Tokyo. Toshiba is organized into four groupings: the Digital Products Group, the Electronics Devices group, the Home Appliances Group and the Social Infrastructure Group (This is where Hisense has a stake). This seems like a calculated move to gradually amass enough capacity to buy massive stakes in the other 3 groupings of TOSHIBA. If this becomes a reality, Hisense would take over almost 30% - 40% of the world’s electronics market.

10). DEVELOPED AN ANDROID/IOS APP CALLED “RemoteNow”: The “RemoteNow” is an app created by Hisense that allows you operate your television from your Smartphone. This is a virtual remote control for your Hisense TV. RemoteNow can replace your traditional remote control and you can use the voice control function (only available in some countries and for some models). Changing channels is smooth and easy at the click of a button. Swiping across allows you view other channels on the TV screen. Netflix, Amazon and YouTube are always easily accessible and available at the touch of a button. Access to the Freeview play is also available on the app, opening up the world of pre-recorded television. This app is good for web browsing, thereby turning your TV into a big touchscreen, allowing you browse the web on a 55-inch monitor. This comes in handy for checking the latest sport, business and entertainment news. Another amazing feature that this “RemoteNow” does, that no other app can be able to do, is to power on your TV when it’s switched off. You get to have the features of a physical remote on your Smartphone.


  • Head to Google app store or Apple app store.
  • Search for the app using this keyword, “RemoteNow”.
  • Install.
  • Open app and enjoy your virtual TV remote. VOILA!

11). INTRODUCED THE WORLD’S 1ST TRUE 8K 10BIT HDR SCREEN TV: Released in March 2020, Hisense 85U9E is the world’s first 8K HDR screen TV based on a true 8K 10Bit ultra-clear panel, ultra-high-density partition backlight control technology, and an AI-powered HDR algorithm. So it can accurately restore the natural dynamic range and 1 billion+ color capacity. It can present 120Hz high-frame movies and 3A game masterpieces. This TV uses a unique dual-screen interactive design. A 28-inch full-time assistant screen is implanted in a cabinet-type base under the 85-inch 8k main screen. In addition, the 85U9E is equipped with Hisense’s unique Hi-table Social TV system.

The latter has large-screen social functions such as 6-channel video chat, AI fitness, online lessons, and large-screen karaoke.

Through its AI technology, the Hisense TV can also help build a scene model in real time. The 85U9E TV surpasses the IPHONE 11 in terms of color accuracy and has redefined 8K TV segments.

Among other features, the 85U9E is capable of 4,096 units of maximum brightness which is true for each of its zones.

This Hisense television was built primarily for the Rich and Wealthy.

It’s a premium, exclusive television.

12) SUPER CHEAP TVs WITH STUNNING DISPLAY: Hisense TVs are tailored specifically to your budget. If you desire a #40,000 - #50,000 naira TV with amazing features, you can get it. Visit to see more.

Hisense 55-Inch Curved Smart TV A7600 |

13)ALL PRODUCTS ARE DURABLE: Nobody wants to buy a television or an air conditioner, and barely a month or a year of use, then one begins to spend heavily on maintenance, right? No one wants to be in this position. The dreaded Buyer’s Remorse is real. This is why from the Hisense television, to the refrigerators, to the washing machines, they all proven to last a long time before spending on maintenance and repairs; so long you keep these electronics in good working condition. You don’t expect a durable electronic(s) when you expose them to water, dust and so on. Just like its counterpart LG, Hisense focuses on quality, and this is evident in the prices and materials used for some of these electronics. As an OEM (Original equipment manufacturer), Hisense produces quality materials for its own branded products and for other brands like LG, unlike other known brands who don’t manufacture these parts or components for their electronics. It’s illogical to be well known and popular as an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) with a mind-blowing track record, and yet produce electronics that aren’t durable. In essence, Hisense products are very reliable and durable.

So, there you have it. I believe you’ve been blown away by this revealing article. Do well to check out Hisense range of products suited to your preference, needs and budget plans. These products serve corporate organizations, small businesses, homes and outdoor event centres.

Visit to more Hisense Products. 

24th Jun 2020 Ifeoluwa Anisere

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