Hi there! I am sure you are here because you are wondering what Maxi brand is all about. You have seen or heard about this brand from somewhere, and you’d like to know what this brand does and how efficient their products are.

Well, you have come to the right place! Here you will learn all you need to know about Maxi brand. We would be listing 15 things to note about Maxi brand and why it is the go-to brand for your electronics and home appliances.

Do well to check 8th Point! You'd be convinced!

1). Maxi Electronics products are Astonishingly Cheap! 

They remove the expense of premium touches while delivering to you the key features that you want. This low expense doesn't in any way compromise the quality of the product they deliver.

Maxi as a brand is known for its budget-priced products. Are you looking for home appliances that are of high quality but you think your bank account can't handle it? Look no further because Maxi brand is here to help you strike that balance. They deliver to you high-end electronics at low-end prices.

2). Maxi products are made in Turkey and China 

They are then imported and distributed by Fouani Group in Nigeria. Fouani Nigeria Ltd is a Limited Liability Company that has grown to be the leading and sole distributor of LG Electronics products all over Nigeria.

Together with LG Electronics products and Hisense Electronics products, Fouani Group also imports and distributes Maxi Electronics products. This makes it possible for Maxi to stand out among the top names in the Electronics world today.

If you are looking for quality products, then you should know that Maxi Electronics is committed to delivering High-quality products that are very affordable.

Maxi Home Appliances on

3). Maxi deals with the production of Electronics and home appliances 

Their High quality LED HD TVs are unique in their design and functionality. The Easy to use Washing machine was built to make your life easier. Maxi brand has come to give you the uttermost satisfaction in life.

Maxi products are among the most durable and efficient out there in the market, they are also quite cheap when compared to others. They deliver electronics and home appliances that are very essential for your home and designed to make you have a fulfilled life.

4). Maxi Electronics has a Commitment to Quality

The focus has consistently remained on giving the highest quality standards to their consumer and customer. They are also very concerned about consumers' and customers’ satisfaction. They are all about giving you great value for your money.

5). Maxi Electronics offers you Superior Durability 

Their products are built to keep functioning for a very long time. They are easy to maintain, so you get to enjoy your purchased product for a long time, hitch-free. You get to save 50% off the actual cost of maintenance.

This way you don't have to keep a yearly budget for replacement or money-draining maintenance fee. At last, you have extra money to take your wife on that surprise birthday trip; buy that super expensive tie you've always wanted to.

6). Maxi is a Relatively New Brand 

Yes! And this is why you might not have heard about it. Although a new brand, Maxi makes up for it by providing high-quality products that are very affordable to all.

Maxi Nigeria was founded by Fouani Nigeria Ltd in 2013. Since then, Maxi has secured a good market share in the field of home and living products. Maxi produces all sizes of gas cookers, water dispensers, water heaters, TVs, Washing machines, and generators for your daily use.

7). Maxi is Tech Savvy

Maxi Electronics has so many features that make life easy for you. Although Hi-tech, Maxi electronics are Super Easy to Use. They have auto ignition knobs on their gas cooker that makes it easy to ignite burners. Digital LED panel on their washing machine that allows you to become a laundry master.

And if you are just not tech-savvy, relax there is finally something that you can do and people would think you are a magician.

8). Warranty?

Maxi products come with one (“1”) year manufacturer’s warranty!

What’s more exciting is that you can fix it in 7 major cities in Nigeria namely: Abuja, Asaba, Benin, Ibadan, Jos, Lagos, Kano, and Port Harcourt.

This warranty service is managed by Fouani Nigeria Limited, as they are the sole distributors in Nigeria.

Yes! There is a warranty policy for all Maxi brand products and it is listed as follows;

* Maxi TV has a 1-year warranty.

* Maxi Generator 3 months’ warranty.

* Maxi Water Dispenser 1-year warranty.

* Maxi Water Heater 1-year warranty.

* Maxi Gas Cooker 1-year warranty.

* Maxi Washing Machine 1-year warranty.

Warranty address is at 11/13 warehouse road, Apapa Lagos.

Warehouse Opens Monday to Saturday from 9:00 am till 5:30 pm.


9). Maxi TV

These televisions have awesome designs and smart technologies that will convert your home to a 23rd-century mansion. You have several options to choose from; smart or not so smart television sets, your preferred display size, and lots more. Binge on TV series and football matches endlessly with have no regret afterward.

These television sets are designed to be sleek, slim, and stylish for every living space. High resolution LED panel that vividly enriches every detail you see. Maxi TV won't disappoint you with their Full HD display that gives you powerful picture quality to deliver an unforgettable viewing experience.

Maxi TV helps you to turn your home into a movie theater. It brings a whole new meaning to the family time where you don't just sit together to watch an old boring movie. You also get to experience every moment of the game, feel every explosion. You are right in the middle of the action, battling Khalessi’s dragons together as a family.

Smart TV series: 

Maxi TV 55" D1240S LED HD TV  has so many features to complement its modern and polished design. With its 55" display size you get to see the bigger picture on-screen. Its smart feature allows you to enjoy content beyond regular TV channels.

Non-Smart TV series: Maxi LED TV 55" D1240NS Full HD and MAXI LED HD TV 32" D1240 also brings you a lot of unforgettable moments at home. 

And you can get this amazing tv for as low as N42,000.

Click the link to get more info.

10). Maxi Gas cookers

These home appliances were designed for your ease and convenience in the kitchen.

Now let me give you a little education on choosing the perfect cooker for your home.

When choosing the perfect cooker, here are the main questions to take into consideration.

* Do you have sufficient space?

* How fast can the cooker cook?

SPACE - Maxi Gas cookers give you options for your compact, extended, or large kitchens.


If you have a compact kitchen, then go for their 5 series cooker that measures 50*50cm. It's perfect for your kitchen as it saves you a lot of space for other kitchen appliances.

The 5 Series offers a combination of;

* MAXI 5050 3+1 INOX (3 gas burners + 1 electric burner).

MAXI 5050 4B INOX (4 gas burners).

Getting your food ready on time isn't a problem with this series as they feature high-efficiency burners that make cooking faster. They are also cost-effective as they operate on natural gas. 

You can get these Gas cookers for as low as N49,500.

Click the link for more info


If you have a slightly bigger kitchen and are willing to give a little more space for cooking, check out the 6 series cooker, measuring 60*60 cm.

The 6 Series offers a combination of gas and electric models;

MAXI 6060 M4 INOX.

* MAXI 6060(3+1) WOOD.


Having at least 1 electric burner can bring some advantages to cooking as there's increased flexibility in your cooking style. You can easily control the temperature of your burner and bring out that perfectly poached halibut fish.

This series of gas cookers have several other features that reduce the time spent in the kitchen and increase your productivity. They also come in beautiful colors and designs that add a lot of beauty to your kitchen.  

Get these Gas cookers for as low as N60,000.

Click the link for more info on our 6 series cooker.


If space is not an issue for you and you have a large family to cater for, then you should consider the 9 series cookers, measuring 60*90 cm.

These cookers feature an array of powerful and highly efficient burners that makes cooking faster, cleaner, and more convenient for you.

You can find the following models in the 9 series cookers:

* MAXI60*90(4+2) INOX.


* MAXI60*90 (4+2) WOOD.

* MAXI STYLE 60*90 (4+2) INOX.

* MAXI STYLE 60*90 (4+2) WOOD.

Most of these models like the MAXI 60*90 PLUS INOX comes with auto-ignition knobs, mechanical timer for the oven, turn-spit, horizontal fan, glass top lid, sleek stainless steel exterior that makes the whole cooking experience more relaxing.

Their classic Wooden/INOX finish brings out the beauty in your kitchen and helps to make cooking so much fun. 

Get these Gas cookers for as low as N134,000.

MAXI also has very portable tabletop gas cooker models (click the link for more info). These tabletop gas cookers are not only portable; they are also highly efficient giving you the same results other gas cookers out would. You can get these Gas cookers for as low as N3600 on Zit Electronics Online store.

11). Maxi Washing machine and Dryer

Washing machines are designed to make your clothes look their best each time you wash them. Maxi washing machine features cutting edge technology, a choice of attractive colors as well as sleek, modern designs that does just this.

Featuring Front loading, Top loading, and a Twin tub washing machine designed to suit your daily needs.

Their Front loading washing machines are equipped with large capacity drums that can comfortably take your week-long laundry. Child lock, digital LED panel that helps you to take charge of your laundry and several other features; you can get more info on this link.

Their top load washing machine makes it easier to load and unload your laundry in the machine. And their Twin tub washing machine is particularly useful in a large household. You get to load up your truckload of laundry for a single wash hereby saving power, water and time.

Maxi washing machines are every home's essential utility equipment that will ensure laundry activities are done effortlessly. 

Get them for as low as N69,000.

Maxi also has a standalone dryer that is simple to use with efficient performance giving you great value for your money.


These generators are certain to provide you with a reliable source of alternative power for your home or office. They are portable petrol-powered generating sets that are built to last. Featuring 100% Copper coil that guarantees effective run for over 24 hours. Large Fuel Tank Capacity that allows you to have an uninterrupted power supply.

Maxi generators also feature battery key starter, engine oil alert, AVR voltage regulators, low fuel consumption. The low noise level of this generating set ensures that nothing disturbs your sleep or work.

It is lightweight and so easy to move around; also it produces less carbon dioxide making it a safe choice for you and your family.

You can get these generators for as low as N193,500 on Zit Electronics Online store. Click this link ( for more info on MAXIGEN.

13). Maxi Water dispenser

This water dispenser is user friendly and exceptionally built to complement your home or office. It is very easy to use with its push tap that readily dispenses drinking water for you.


1.The high-quality stainless steel water tank that gives you safe and clean water to drink.

2.Child safety locks to prevent accidents.

3.Overheating protection feature and inbuilt Refrigerator.

Maxi water dispenser comes with top loading and bottom loading design with a lot of features that make it perfect for your home, office, hotels, and other public places.

Are you looking for where to get this water dispenser online? See here.

14). Maxi Water heater

They are designed to give you maximum comfort in your bathroom and provide you with warm and hot water any time you need it.

Who doesn't want a water heater in their bathroom, especially during raining seasons?

Everyone sure wants a water heater in this season. Don’t be left out!

Maxi water heater combines style and efficiency in one. Its large capacity makes it possible to hold a large amount of water for you and your family.

It's easy to mount and very durable. It can last up to 15 years making it very cost-effective. It is highly efficient as it cuts the amount of power needed, so you not only save power you also save money. Everyone wants to save some money nowadays.

You can get this water dispenser for as low as N23,500 on Zit Electronics Online store.

15). Buy Maxi Products from and get it delivered to your door step within 24 hours in Lagos!

And there you have it!

Also, If you are looking for where to get Maxi electronics products at very affordable prices, here at Zit Electronics Online store.

You are sure to get great value for your money.

Enjoy great comfort with our fast, convenient, and reliable delivery services.

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19th Jun 2020 Nifesimi Akinyemi

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