Is skyrun a reliable brand in terms of consumer preference?

Posted by Kenneth Noruwa on 21st May 2020

Is skyrun a reliable brand in terms of consumer preference?

About skyrun

Skyrun international is an affiliated branch of the Jiangsu skyrun group of company’s china. They are based in the ambiance of the tourism rich calabar, Nigeria. They also have other outlets in the states in Nigeria. Their mission is to be the first in home appliances manufacturing and distributing companies in Nigeria.

Skyrun has a wide range of products for consumer’s choice, such as home appliances, gas cooker, washing machines, televisions, air conditioners etc. All of these are manufactured to meet the need of the people. There are a lot of brands flooding the market and it difficult for you to know which is second hand and original product, difficult to compare in prices and quality and durability. That’s why there has been a question, asking if skyrun is a brand worth purchasing in the market?

Well it consists of two things; it depends on the type of consumer and also on the type of product. When I say on the type of product, most especially people tend to use skyrun show case freezer than any other brands because it has wider space in terms of compartment and its specification, on the other hand Consumers might not option for this but it all depends on the choice and taste. Apart from this, people may have negative reviews, for instance a friend of mine asked me to list products of any brand so he could purchase, so I introduced skyrun home appliance and he said he has used one of their products before and he was not satisfied with it despite how expensive he bought it, and he said he would never use their product again, i had to convince him and give him a good assurance and  warranty  and I smile because some my customers I sell this product to, never gave me a negative feedback, it all depends on the type of product purchased. Moreover there are people or consumers who tend to purchase skyrun product but don’t know how to use it at the end they complain that the product does not last. There is always an instructional material in any product packaging

Refrigerators and freezers


Skyrun freezer offers you a range of benefits that you can’t resist. Chest freezers are more preferable than standing freezers so some users because they have more space to take a large amount of foodstuff, drinks or fruits. This option is recommended especially if you have a large family. hereby keeping air in them to cool your stuff and do not easily open unless you open them yourself. Skyrun freezer can help you to save the time and effort it would take to cook every single time you need to. With this freezer, you can simply cook your food and preserves it as long as you want, freeze it and then warm portions when you need to eat. Also, in cases where you need to entertain visitors in your home, you can readily do so without having to bother when you already have a couple drinks in your refrigerator. Skyrun freezers are reliable and durable with a warranty that guarantees you a standard value.


The Skyrun 55" LED TV combines an ultra-premium design with the best picture ever. Skyrun TVs also support HDR, including Dolby Vision. Skyrun HDR delivers a stunning high dynamic range picture, including support for Dolby Vision™ content. Enjoy brilliant brights and deepest darks for infinite contrast and rich color. Picture-on-Glass is made possible by a bold new approach to television design.

Air conditioners 

Skyrun split Air conditioners complement the beauty of your home without compromising its cooling performance, Style and technology. Skyrun split A/C unit comes with innovative features like allergy reduction-filters and responsive step controls that allow you to direct the air as needed. 

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