Nexus: The Best Home Appliance Brand Today.

Nexus: The Best Home Appliance Brand Today.

Nexus is a Nigerian brand that has been serving its customers with premium quality home appliances for the past 15 years.

Nexus is dedicated to filling homes across Nigeria with lifestyle-enhancing household appliances.

The difference between a house and a home is the experience and comfort you feel inside and Nexus is here to bridge the gap. As a leading maker of home appliances with outstanding color designs, Nexus commits to delivering quality customer service.

They have been around growing with the range of our products for 10 – 15 years now.

The Nexus arrangement has been around for 10 years and everything they have done and achieved is a result of their strong partnership with China, India, and our source from Hong Kong.

Nexus's Home and Kitchen appliance range of products includes:

* Refrigerators.

* Chest freezers.

* Water Dispensers.

* Gas cookers.

* Washing Machines.

* Air Conditioners.

* Rechargeable fans.

* Microwave Oven

* Small kitchen appliances like Air fryers, Electric kettle, Electric Jugs, Blenders, Juice extractors, and more.



Nexus has one of the largest Refrigerator product lines in the Nigerian market.

This brand offers a wide variety of choice. You can choose double-door, side by side, and single door refrigerators. Seeing as the kitchen is the hub of your home, and at the center of this hub lies the refrigerator. It, therefore, stands to reason that the decision to buy a fridge is one that you shouldn’t take lightly.

Nexus helps to supply a quality line of fridges for sale across Nigeria. They are designed to keep all your perishables fresh and your drinks cool, even in the hottest conditions. Also, Nexus offers a variety of storage sizes. This ranges from mini-fridges to large fridges for large families.

Here is a list of some of the best Nexus Refrigerators in Nigeria, their features and prices.


This Refrigerator comes in a captivating, timeless silver color. It has a large 465 Liter capacity to contain a week's worth of groceries. With its HFC free refrigerant you get to enjoy optimal cooling without harming the environment in any way.

It features a Mechanical Temperature Control, Easy to clean interior, Fast Freezing Function, Door Lock, Interior Light, and High-Efficiency Compressor. It costs N330,000 and is worth every penny.


This is a Top Mount Refrigerator that cost only N76,000. It has a generous 120 liters’ storage space that helps to reduce the regularity of your shopping trips. Very energy efficient and helps to keep your food items fresh always.

It has a convenient lock and key function to keep wary hands out of your refrigerator and many more awesome features.

NEXUS FRIDGE -WATER DISPENSER | NX- 340D is a Bottom Mount Refrigerator that has a water dispenser built into its door. It is also Eco-friendly and has a low noise operation. You can get this amazing Water Dispenser Refrigerator combo for just N181,500.

3). NEXUS REFRIGERATOR | NX-145 is a Single Door Refrigerator that is perfect for smaller spaces. This Refrigerator is efficient, durable, and reliable too. It consists of a thermally insulated compartment and a heat pump (mechanical, electronic, or chemical).

The refrigerator also comes with an icebox that is used in cooling food and also a freezer for food storage. And you can get this awesome Refrigerator for less than N70,000. Nexus also has single door refrigerators that you can get for less than N50,000. Their low-end price doesn't in any way compromise their performance.

The Nexus NX-65 Single-door Refrigerator is a portable refrigerator that you can use in your office, bedroom, and even dorm rooms. It has a high-efficiency compressor that gives your optimal cooling performance and many other features.

Refrigeration is an important food storage technique in modern households and Nexus helps to deliver to you the best there is.


Nexus Chest Freezer | NX 300W

Nexus is one of the producers of the best deep freezer in Nigeria. Nexus ensures convenience and efficiency with affordability. Apart from the style, which is always stunning, the interior storage space won’t be easily matched by competitors in the market. Although the chest freezer is the most popularly used in Nigeria, it comes in a different size, design, and shape.

Nexus has a fine collection of highly efficient and affordable Chest freezers that do their work excellently well. Whether you’ve got a big family or just want the best Freezer out there, Nexus has everything you’re looking for and more.

The Nexus Chest Freezer | NX-695C is a powerful chest freezer with certain advantages that makes it good for your business and home use. It comes with baskets that provide access to the frozen-food packages in the lower part of the window. Its interior lights give you a good view of your food items, with convenient lock features to keep unwanted hands away.

You can use this freezer for commercial use with its large 520 liters’ storage space. You get to store large quantities of fish, water, turkey, and other seafood as much as you like.

There are smaller and compact freezer options too, some of which are:

* NEXUS CHEST FREEZER 100L - WINE RED | NX-150C. It also comes in a captivating Silver color and a calm sky blue color with storage capacity that ranges from 100L to 150L. It offers superior freezing capabilities even long after disconnection from the power supply and storage baskets and an easy-to-clean design for extra convenience.

The price of Nexus Chest freezers ranges from N72,450 to N143,900.

Nexus Freezers



Humans cannot live without water and water dispensers make it even easier to drink healthy and safe water daily. Nexus, as the leading provider of quality water dispensers in Nigeria, will ensure that you enjoy a consistent supply of clean and safe drinking water.

Their water dispensers offer benefits such as:

1). You enjoy clean and safe drinking water that is free from bacteria and contaminants.

2). Enjoy better-tasting water that boosts the flavor of your tea, coffee, soups, and favorite recipes.

3). It is fully portable and can be placed practically anywhere in your home or office.

Their water dispensers come in various colors that help to add so much beauty to your space. They are built from very strong and durable materials that will last for ages to come. They are sold for as low as N49,560 in the Nigerian market.

It comes with colorful control buttons that are easy to differentiate the hot from the cold; so at just a push of the tap, you can have your desired choice. It also comes with safety features and low noise technology with an in-built freezer compartment that chills your wine, juice, or plastic water.

NEXUS Water Dispenser NX-018RI come in a bottom-loading design with an inbuilt fridge compartment. It offers you the most convenient way of keeping icy-cold and piping-hot water close at hand in your home or office. This water dispenser also comes with HOT and COLD LED indicators.

Nexus water dispensers also offer a silent operation to ensure that nothing disturbs you when you're in your home. Its stainless steel water tanks & 100 % copper tube make sure your water always tastes pure and fresh.

Nexus Water Dispenser.



Cookers are one of the essential household appliances today. Whether it is an electric cooker, gas cooker, or a stove, it is very important in the home. The stove used to be very popular some time ago as it was thought to be the cheapest and safest method, but not anymore.

Gas cookers are now so conventional in Nigeria that you see them in different sizes, features, quality, and types. You barely see a Nigerian home without a gas cooker regardless of the size.

Nexus Has cookers comes in different designs, color, and styles. The stove has burners that cook at different intensities and desired temperature. Their gas cookers give room for multiple cooking at once and some have inbuilt ovens for baking as well as turnspit and grills.

Nexus cookers sell within the range of N63,000 to N200,000.

The Nexus Gas cooker 4+2 GCCR-NX-8001S makes you cook with ease and is efficient, durable, and easy to use. It features a 4 Gas Burner + 2 Electric hot plate that allows you to cook multiple dishes at the same time. Tempered Glass Lid and Glazed Oven window that is strong enough to withstand very high temperatures.

This gas cooker is quite big and might not be very good for smaller kitchen's. However, Nexus also has compact gas cookers that would perfectly suit your compact kitchen and give you the performance that you desire.

The Nexus Turkey Gas Cooker NX-5055W (4+0) TURKEY GAS COOKER comes in a classic white color with beautiful black floral designs. It comes with 4 optimally sized burners that at different intensities, all powered by cooking gas.

Nexus also has a range of compact gas cookers with Gas and Electric burners that give you increased cooking flexibility in the kitchen. Let me also mention that Nexus is not shy about making bold statements with their brightly colored home appliances. The Nexus Gas Cooker NX-5055R (3+1) comes in a bold dark red color that makes all the difference in your kitchen.

It has 3 gas burners and 1 electric burner allowing you to cook all kinds of food at your desired temperature. It helps to bring out the beauty in your kitchen and makes both cooking, grilling, and baking to be so much fun!

Nexus cookers have come to establish their name in the Nigerian market.


Nexus 5.5 Kg Twin Tub Washing Machine Nx Wm 5Sa

Washing machines have been saving lives since the 90s, making it easier for us to get crispy clean clothes whenever we need them.

Nexus takes great pride in bringing you unrivaled convenience and comfort. Whether you do laundry daily or weekly, our washing machines are designed to save you both time and effort.

Nexus washing machine allows you to spend less time doing laundry and more time doing the things you enjoy in your free time. Hand-washing is an exhausting chore that no one delights in, especially for mothers who have little ones at home. You get to save yourself the effort with the Nexus washing machine.

Nexus has a diverse range of washing machines that allows you to select the one that suits the style of your surroundings and caters to the space available in your home. From their Top loading washing machines, Front loading washing machine to their Twin tubs, and Single tubs, your options are limitless.

The nexus washing machine comes in varying loading capacity to perfectly suit your laundry requirements.

The NEXUS washing machine will help you wash your clothes easily and clean them thoroughly in the process. They have very portable options like the Nexus 4.5 Kg Single Tub Washing Machine (Nx Wm 4Sasr) for very small spaces.

And large, luxurious options like the NEXUS - 12KG AUTOMATIC TOP LOAD WM | NX-WM-12ATSL which has a generous 12kg loading capacity. It's a fully automatic Top Loader with so many features that allows you to enjoy the peace and calm of a laundry-free day at home.

You can get these washing machines for as low as N25,000. Isn't that amazing!!!!

Nexus range of washing machines.


Their small kitchen appliance collection includes Air fryers, Electric kettle, Electric Jugs, Blenders, Juice extractors, and the list goes on and on. These appliances have been made very affordable to allow even low-income earners to enjoy luxury at prices they can afford.

Their Air fryers allow you to enjoy fried treats without any feeling of guilt. It features an LCD Display, Cool touch housing and handle Smoke, and smell filter and comes in a beautiful shiny Black color. Nexus's large capacity blenders come with stainless steel blades that are strong enough to blend different kinds of fruit juice and even grind your beans also.

This blender can be used to make smoothies too with its pad controls and its programming. It is very easy to use and to clean. These appliances help to reduce stress in the kitchen and make cooking a bit less work and more fun for you.

Wide Range of Nexus Products; Small kitchen appliances.

Nexus produces other amazing home appliances like Air conditioners, Rechargeable fans, Microwave ovens that help to turn your house into a home. Every product is manufactured for functionality, style, convenience, and most importantly, maintaining a comfortable home lifestyle.

They have spent years developing a host of world-class household appliances that cater to a wide range of individual preferences. And they are very much focused on providing first-rate solutions for your home and surroundings.

Their appliances come in an exciting range of colors that allow you to showcase your personality, and bring life to your surroundings at home. From yellow to blue, red, and white you decide how to color your kitchen.

The Nexus brand has been known for giving customers their money’s worth. Therefore, one can be sure to buy this product with no regrets.

They are famous for the fantastic home appliances they manufacture. They produce high quality, durable, and amazingly reliable home appliances that can hardly be ignored by homemakers.

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29th Jul 2020 Ken MacDonald.

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