Portable Generators for Residential and Commercial Uses; Why they are so beneficial.

Portable Generators for Residential and Commercial Uses; Why they are so beneficial.

The state of Power supply in this country is no news to anyone. This is why an alternative source of power supply is very much needed and so a Generator easily comes to mind.

Generators or ‘Gen’ as we like to call them are a constant fix in our country as they serve as the only sure way of obtaining stable electricity. Generators are used everywhere, from businesses to hospitals and religious organizations, even power companies in Nigeria have generators.

The help and potential of Portable generators are undeniable. That’s why they are very popular and still attract buyers every year. They help out during power outages, are flexible and transferable, and can provide power in any place.

The benefits of this amazing power tool are numerous. Let me mention a few:

First up, they are excellent backup power providers. There are oftentimes cases when you’ll need that extra power to save a file, finish an errand, or for powering up some appliances.

They are transferable and flexible. What makes portable generators so captivating is its portability. You can bring it to different areas around the house without it being stuck in one place only.

Another benefit of using portable generators is that they are relatively easy to use. Their operation is simple and will only require a bit of reading from the manual to use properly. The fuel used is also easy to find as well.

Homeowners take up the largest segment of the portable generator market. Portable generators are the perfect power source for around the home and garden.

When the power supply is interrupted, then there is no power for cooking/preparing meals, no refrigeration to keep food from spoiling, no communication with the outside world, and in some cases no water (if a pump is required).

A portable generator would keep all this going even when there are long periods of outages. You won't even notice the power outage when you have a portable generator.

Generators are quite popular in Nigeria due to their affordability, reliability, low maintenance cost, and varied capacities. Nigeria is one of the biggest markets for generator brands, so many of these brands offer various generators at different capacities and features with the hope to satisfy the user’s needs.

However, there are some well-known brands that people naturally go for whenever they want to purchase a generator such as Tiger, Thermocool (TEC), SumecFirman, Mikano, Elemax, Honda, Lutian, Elepaq, etc.

These brands have climbed that ladder for various reasons such as how strong and long-lasting their products are, how easy it is to maintain the generator, and to locate spare parts, price amongst other reasons.

And so I have created a list of the best generator brands in Nigeria which includes the most popular and efficient brands in no particular order.

Here's a quick list:








1). Honda Generators.

Honda Generator |

Honda Generators are one of the most efficient and effective generators. They are produced with high-quality materials and powered by advanced 4-stroke engines which make them very durable and fuel-efficient.

These generators are lightweight, portable, and compact. They produce between 450 and 9000 watts of electric power providing you with smooth, clean power for recreation, construction, rental, and emergency uses. They are found hard at work all around the world, from challenging climates to the most demanding jobs.

Honda generators have intuitive features and easy to use generator controls designed for ultimate convenience and ease of operation. Their premium and rugged design have been specifically tested and have proven to perform very well in the toughest situation, with a long-lasting quality that you can always count on.

Examples include the Honda 5.5 Kva Eg6500Cxs Key Starting Generator, another is the Honda EM10000 8.0 KVA Key-Starting Generator + Battery. Although a bit more expensive compared to other brands, these generators have so many unique features to validate their price.

Honda Generators

They are very economical as they do not consume much fuel with an oil alert lamp that indicates the current level of fuel, aiding proper generator maintenance.

Honda generator is designed to offer you stable power for you to watch your favorite drama, for your refrigerator to function and for you to be able to see your way around the house when the main power supply is interrupted.

2). Tiger Generators.

Tiger Generator |

Popularly known as “I beta pass my neighbor” generators, Tiger produces the most portable and efficient generators which make a popular choice in many Nigerian homes. Tiger generators are not just durable but also cheaper than other generator brands. They were among the first set of generators to be used in Nigeria with about 70-80% of the population owning one at home.

You can get a Tiger generator for as low as N25,000 in the Nigerian market today. They are very popular with small businesses like Electricians, Beauty salons, small business centers, homes, and so on. The Tiger brand has continuously produced high quality, fuel-efficient, and affordable generators.

Tiger mini generator TG1200/1550 is one example. It is a portable 1KVA Generator for home use as well as small and medium businesses. It has overload auto-circuit breaker, steady output, relatively noiseless, portable and light, fit for domestic and commercial use. You are also assured of long-lasting durability.

Key details on Tiger TG1200/1550

3). Sumec Firman Generators.

Sumec Firman SPG 2500 |

This brand which has been in Nigeria for the past 20 years is a top-selling brand in Nigeria. Sumec Firman generators are the best value for money generators in the Nigerian market today. The key selling points of some of its generators are the relative affordability, reliability, and ease of use as it comes with both key start and rope.

This is one of the most reliable and popular brands in the country. Their generators are largely long-lasting and easily repairable. Their output ranges from 0.9KVA to 9KVA. A 0.9KVA gen-set may power a small refrigerator, a TV, and an energy-efficient 1hp AC and goes for as low as N41,000.

The Sumec Firman generators have wheels and handles which makes it easy to move around. They have an oil alert system, Automatic Voltage Regulation, AVR, fuel and tank capacity, circuit breakers that continuously monitor loading conditions, and automatically trips off if there is a short circuit or an overload.

Sumec Firman Generator Set Spg 1800 goes for as low as N50,000. It features a brushless alternator capacitor, 100% Copper Enameled Wire, Fuel source of petrol which is affordable and readily available, Fuel Tank capacity is 5.5L.

Sumec Firman generator Eco10990ES with the key starter is another excellent example. Fuel-powered with a tank capacity of 28.5 liters, it is fuel-efficient, consuming less fuel to keep it running for as long as ten hours and above nonstop in a full tank.

With the 7.6Kva Firman Eco 10990ES, you can power a whole lot of home outdoor appliances such as air conditioners, pumping machines, freezers, fridges, televisions, microwaves, and a whole lot of other homes, office and outdoor appliances.

It features a remote control starter that makes for an easy and more convenient startup, even from inside your office or home. Price is a bit on the high side but with its numerous benefits and features makes it worth every penny spent.

Sumec Firman Generators

4). Elepaq Generators.

Elepaq SV2200 |

Just like Tiger generators, Elepaq generators are quite affordable and will cost you less up front and during long-term use. Elepaq generators are more cost-effective for homes or small businesses when compared to other brands of generators.

To ensure longevity and durability, Elepaq generators come with fuel sediment cups that prevent dirt or water from flowing to the carburetor from the fuel tank. They are very easy to maintain and fix, and their spare parts are readily available in Nigeria.

They are not the most silent generators, but they are very cost-effective. They are easily repaired and their price starts at N55,500 for 1.3KVA. The Elepaq generator-1.2KVA-SV2200 comes third on the list of 10 best generators to buy in Nigeria. This generator is a single phase generator and features an alternator brushless electric machine, copper enameled wire.

This generator runs on petrol and has a 6-liter tank that is capable of lasting for 7 hours when 75% loaded.

Another is the Elepaq Generator 10 Kva Sv 22000 E2 Constant 100% Copper. This generator will work for your air conditioner one 1HP, 1.5hp or 2hp, freezer, and other home appliances. It has two tyres for easy mobility. It also has a key or recoil starter function for easy start-up.

Elepaq generators.

5). Thermocool Generators.

Haier Thermocool Generator OPT 7500RS 6.25KVA |

When it comes to high-quality generators, Haier Thermocool generators take the top spot. This brand of generators is durable and high in performance. Some of the generators have internal tanks that take as much fuel that will last all day depending on how they are used.

Thermocool generators are known to be effective, fuel-efficient, and durable. They are one of the most expensive generators on this list, but what do you expect from a high-quality product. Some of their models come with a remote starter in addition to other starter options, tyres for easy carriage.

Some of the series the Haier Thermocool generators come in are Thermocool Optima, Thermocool Oga, Thermocool Big boy, Thermocool Igwe. Some of the Thermocool generators have an outstanding “optimized alternator” feature.

Some other features of Thermocool Generators are:

Built-in Automatic Voltage Regulator that serves as a protective device that allows for more control of the total output of the generator.

Fuel Level Indicator that helps to monitor your generator fuel tanks to drive down your costs and increase the efficiency of the generator.

Smart Throttle and Smart Choke for 10-15% better fuel efficiency.

Low noise operation that helps to maintain a quiet environment during operation.

All these and more are the reason why Thermocool is among the top brand in the Nigerian generator market today.

Haier Thermocool Generators.

6). Elemax Generators.

Elemax 3.0KVA SH-4200EX Manual Starter Generator |

Elemax is another widely known generator brand that produces portable generators. Just like Honda and Thermocool generators, they are durable and economize fuel during use. They also produce heavy-duty generators with capacities of 14KVA and 20KVA. These generators run on diesel and are suitable for big organizations and factories.

They however produce one of the most expensive generating sets in the Nigerian market today, so their high price might be an issue. These Generators are popular for their reliability, they run on reliable Honda engines.

They have generators with a recoil start system (rope and grip) and the ones with the electric (key) start system. Elemax generators are very good for medium-sized homes (From 2 bedroom flats). They can also be used in small low power businesses like a business centre, salon, stores, cyber cafes, and so on.

The generators are equipped with oil alert systems that continuously monitor the oil level in your generator’s crankcase. It automatically shuts down the engine if the oil level falls below safe limits. This feature helps to save your generator from serious engine damage.

Some of these generators go for as low as N63,000 on, for example, is Elemax 3.0KVA SH-3800 Manual Starter Generator. This generator runs on fuel only with a spacious fuel tank capacity of 15 liters, enough to last you for more than 12 hours of continuous runtime.

Elemax Generators

7). Lutian Generators.

Lutian 6.9Kva Generator with Key And Remote Control - LT6500 |

Lutian is a relatively new brand on the market but is gaining ground and popularity fast. This might be due to its durability and ruggedness. It could also be as a result of its affordable price option, which serves as a major advantage over other brands.

They’re imported from China and comes with some level of guarantee as their fake replicate model isn’t infiltrated the Nigerian market yet. Their prices range from N55,000 for a 1.2KVA.

Lutian LT1800 1.2kva Generator is a high standard, 100% copper, low noise, low fuel consumption set. It comes with a key starter that allows easy ignition of the generating set. It is designed to power your home appliances sufficiently such as printers, bedside fridges, fans, and other small home and office appliances.

Lutian also has diesel generators, Lutian Super Silent Diesel Generator 6KVA is one of those. This diesel generator uses less fuel quantity and produces more power than petrol generators. It is encapsulated in a soundproof enclosure and so doesn’t give off much noise during operation.

It is one of the best small diesel generators around.

Lutian range of products.

Having a portable generator provides a lot of benefits. It is an asset having one around especially if you live in a power outage-prone area, like Nigeria. It gives temporary power for emergencies and helps you clear up any necessary tasks before letting power get cut off.

With these benefits, however, always be sure to follow the instructions on safety, proper use, and maintenance so that your time with the generator would be smooth, efficient, convenient, and problem-free.

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23rd Jul 2020 Ken MacDonald.

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