​Why you must consider Skyrun Products before buying your electronics.

​Why you must consider Skyrun Products before buying your electronics.

About Skyrun?

Every customer online who frequently purchase products like electronics would’ve asked this question severally. The painful part is that there hasn’t been a very convincing article, blog post to convince us about this Chinese-owned electronics producing company. As at the time of publication of this article, Google doesn’t even have enough data about this company on its search database.

But, like they say, “There will always be something new and catchy that draws our attention to possibilities”.

Skyrun Electronics Company is a Chinese-owned electronics manufacturing company belonging to Jiangsu Skyrun International Group ran by the Chairman Mr. Shao Xie. This company's products were mainly being produced and consumed in China and other Asian countries.

It was very obvious they had no business with the international market. Hence, there was a need to spread its tentacles across the globe.

Revenue in the Consumer Electronics segment amounts to US$368,578m in 2020.

Who wouldn’t want to have a piece of this?

Apple Inc, Samsung International, Sony Corporation understood this earlier enough, hence the need to expand its consumer base. Expansion of the consumer base also meant the reduction of the cost of production.

Most consumer electronics are built in China, due to maintenance cost, availability of materials, quality, and speed as opposed to other countries such as the United States. Cities such as Shenzhen have become important production centers for the industry, attracting many consumer electronics companies such as Apple Inc. (Wikipedia).

As a new entrant into the Nigerian Consumer Electronics Market scene, Skyrun Electronics Company had to partner with two other companies – China Jiangsu International Group and Shinco Air Conditioner Manufacturing Company – in other to penetrate the market as deep as possible. This was made possible through the economic plan set out in the year 2006 by the President Obasanjo government that encouraged investors to come to invest in the Nigerian market. (Grassroot Publishers).

Now we know a little bit about the history of the company.

Skyrun Electronics Company produces household appliances like Televisions, Washers, Air conditioners, and a host of other household appliances.

How good is Skyrun Refrigerator?

Skyrun refrigerators have to proven to last a long time. Most top brands have what makes them stand out. 

For Skyrun fridge, and freezers, you're entitled to better, durable electronics. 

Here are common Skyrun Refrigerators and Freezers:

1. Skyrun 200 Litres Double Door Refrigerator | BCD-200

Skyrun 200 Litres Double Door Refrigerator | BCD-200

Key Features:

  • Interior light
  • Tall adjustable front feet
  • Energy saving and low noise
  • Mechanical control
  • 200 Litres

2.  Skyrun 195-Litres Double Door Refrigerator | BCD-195

Skyrun BCD 195HW |

Key Features:

  • Interior light
  • Tall adjustable front feet
  • Energy saving and low noise
  • Mechanical control
  • 195L

3. Skyrun 300 Litres Chest Freezer | BD-300

Skyrun 300 Litres Chest Freezer | BD-300

Key Features:

  • Model BD-300
  • Big freezing capacity
  • Front water disposal device
  • Power indicator function
  • Super freezing function
  • Storage basket optional
  • Compressor switch off function
  • Dimension (L*D*H mm): 1160*740*880
  • Metal compressor room: Yes
  • Wheel: yes
  • Door and handle type: PCM
  • Interior Sliding Glass Door: N/A
  • 300 Litres

Is Skyrun a good brand of electronics?

What constitutes a good electronics brand?

Let’s help you.

  • 1.Price.
  • 2.Durability.
  • 3.Warranty.
  • 4.User Manual.

And so on.

For most people, the preference for their choice of electronics products could be price or durability or any of the things listed above.

No one wants to lose money to sub-standard products, hence the need to ask questions before making that purchasing decision. 


Skyrun, as a result of its low cost of production and the availability of the materials needed to produce these products, has made its electronics affordable for buyers in Nigeria.

Here is a list of 1.5 Hp Split A/C on Zit Electronics Store:

  • 1.Polystar
  • 2.LG
  • 3.Skyrun
  • The Skyrun Brand of 1.5 Hp Split A/C is very affordable compared to the other brands listed.


    There’s no shortcut method for having a durable product. The durability of any electronic product is hinged on the material/resources used during the manufacturing process. Sub-standard products are guilty of using low-quality materials during the production process.

    This is why when you buy a refrigerator from a brand you don’t know, and after 1 month of using it, the parts begin to develop maintenance issues.

    Skyrun products are durable. It’s one that lasts a long time.

    Skyrun 1.5hp AC |

    Here’s what most individuals who have used Skyrun 1.5 Hp Split A/C and other Skyrun Products are saying about it.


    Before buying any products online, most consumers are used to checking if the particular product they wish to buy has a warranty on them. Products without warranty are thought to be fake and this, in turn, creates mistrust.
    Skyrun products are known to offer warranty on their products. It’s a commendable thing if you ask me.
    For example, Here’s what a customer is saying about this Skyrun Freezer.

    Review on Skyrun Freezer |

    User Manual

    Products with a user manual help consumers to be able to set it up. This, in turn, saves the cost of bringing a technician to help with the installation process. A user manual must be easy to understand.

    Do Skyrun Products have a user manual?


    The user manual is easy to comprehend.

    So, there you have it folks. I believe this should give you a clear understanding of what this brand (Skyrun) entails.

    You can check out Skyrun Products here and see a variety of electronics products that meets your need.

    Also, check out  Zit Electronics Store for a host of other products tailored perfectly to your preference.

    22nd May 2020 Ken MacDonald.

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