Phiima Built-in Electric Oven - Black

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Phiima Built-in Electric Oven - Black
  • Mechanical knob Oven
  • light timer display,
  • Rotisserie Pulse ignition,
  • With flame out protection,
  •  Grill wire,
  •  Tray baking,
  • Stainless steel panel,
  • Standard Accessories,
  • 1 grill tray,1 grill rack,
  • Oven Volume in Litres(L):56L
  • ,lower rating(W):2200 220-240V/50Hz,
  • layer tempered glass  + stainless steel panel

Electric Built‎ In Digital Oven will fit well into your kitchen‎‎.‎‎This oven will turn your kitchen into a digital hub‎‎.‎‎ It is more efficient than other types of ovens‎‎;‎‎ it will distribute heat all through the oven‎‎.‎‎ If heat is not evenly distributed‎‎;‎‎ it will leave part of the food well baked and the other part burnt‎‎.‎‎ This is not good as it will not let you enjoy the food‎‎;‎‎ it will end up to be a waste of time‎‎,‎‎ money and effort‎‎.‎‎ It has electric control that helps you take absolute control the food you are cooking‎‎.‎‎ The black color of this oven will complement the interior design of your kitchen‎‎.‎‎ It has an oven ventilation system that keeps the oven cool‎‎,‎‎ thus‎‎,‎‎ making sure it functions properly‎‎.‎‎

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