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Buy quality Microtek products online at affordable prices at Zit Electronics Store. We offer payment on delivery options for Lagos orders and fulfill orders within 24 hours. Microtek Inverter is manufactured in Taiwan by Microtek multinational company. This is one inverter that is considered one of the best in Nigeria.  It uses sinewave technology which provides extended power backup. With Microtek, you can be sure of enjoying instant and uninterruptible power for a long time.

Microtek Inverters are known for better efficiency, reliability and durability and gives back-up in the situation of power failure. The Microtek inverter stands as one of the best 1500VA inverters options for powering delicate equipment used in homes and businesses.

Starting price for a Microtek inverter is from 70,000 naira.

It comes with a UPS that acts as backup power with transfer time of just about 15 milliseconds. It also comes with DSC (digital signal controller) technology which aids its fast responses when there is a power outage. It has an auto-reset button that resets the device if it is overloaded. The Microtek Static inverter is noiseless when in use and has a compact size.

Another amazing pro to Microtek is its 2 years warranty on the overall product and 1 year warranty on the battery. Microtek Inverters price are one of the best and most affordable inverter options you can consider in Nigeria if you are planning to get the best value for your money.


Shop and buy quality Microtek inverters on Zit Electronics Store today.