About us: 

ZitNg is an online initiative that seeks to establish its online presence in the ever growing Nigerian electronic commerce platform. ZitNg boasts of having an offline retail chain, with different location across Lagos. The products displayed on this site are not fictitious but are real representatives of what we have in our physical stores and our various distributor locations. The prices reflects as much as possible the cheapest around the metropolis. The freedom and convenience of shopping online is central to our thoughts in the course of building this platform.

ZitNg is actively expanding its range of products and services to cater for a wider customer audience.

From all of us at ZitNg, do have a wonderful shopping experience!


Our Core Values 'VEPT' :

These are the four '4' core values of the ZitNg brand.

We carry out our business with these values at heart. We are a people committed to greatness and thus replicate same.

  •  Value 

Being productive is central to our thoughts and thus seek to develop the entire human stance by:
Employing the best hands possible
Creating a friendly environment for people to work in
Aspiring to overcome challenges and bottleneck that serves as hindrances to effective and efficient ways of conducting business in the world

  • Efficiency

Time is a crucial component to every business. With this in mind:
We attend to our customers’ orders promptly
We deliver goods with exceptional pace

  • Professionalism

We earn customer loyalty and respect everyday by :
Providing and maintaining great products
Ensure that there are no hitches or hassles when delivering customers’ orders


  •  Trust

At ZitNg, we carry out business with a wholesome integrity and honesty, because we believe lies and deceit are not necessities for business and therefore:
We do business in an “open environment.”
We conduct business in an atmosphere of love, care and trust


Working with us: 

At ZitNg, We are a team of great minds who work together in peace and harmony.
Much more than profit, our long term goal is to eradicate or bring to the barest minimum the ever enduring unemployment situation in Nigeria and the rest of the world.
We have various departments - ranging from Technical, Business, Logistics to Janitorial, and thus we are constantly open to interested persons who wish to join our organization.
And yes! Interns are not left out…
To apply, kindly send your curriculum vitae to 


Affiliates : 

At ZitNg, we are constantly looking to increase our range of goods and services and so go the extra mile to add to our base by partnering with reputable and professional firms. 
To know more about opportunities that exists with us and how we operate, kindly fill the contact-us form and we'll be sure to get back as soon as possible. You could also reach our team on one of our contacts to have a warm chat with us.