Customer Service

 Customer Service  

Shipping & Delivery

We usually ship orders within 24-48 hrs after which orders are made online. Currently we only ship within the Lagos state metropolitan. We can however arrange to ship inter-state on special arrangements via prepayment option.


Privacy & Security

Orders are made securely through our platform's secure socket layer. We use the information provided only for what it was given and other company related promotions. We do not trade info and do not give out customer information to third parties. 


Returns & Replacements 

Requirements for returns and replacement of our Goods are as follows:

  1. Goods must be returned in the condition with which it was received
  2. Goods must be returned within 7 days of purchase
  3. Original receipt must be returned with the Goods

Should you need to return a product, kindly fill our returns order form by clicking the  Orders & Returns button at the bottom of the website page. Once this is done, we would consider your application and if approved, arrange for pickup.  


Even though it is an online platform, orders can still be made by phone by calling 09090160621.


Payment, Pricing & Promotions

 For now, we receive payments by cash on delivery, Point on Sales(POS) machine, or through direct bank transfers.


Viewing Orders

 Upon receipt of your order, you would receive an email containing details of your order. After your order has been successfully placed, an assigned dispatcher would give you a call for a convenient time to be able to receive your goods.


Updating Account Information

 You can choose the option of registering as a customer on our website or choose to make an order without registering. If you choose to register, your membership account details would be sent to you via email. Once registered, you would be able to login and then update account information as you want.