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Buy Powerful Generators Online On Zit Nigeria. Get known generator brands like Lutian, senwei, Elepaq, Elemax, Sumec firman, Honda. At Zit Nigeria, we provide you with affordable, authentic generators for SMEs, Corporate Businesses, Religious Groups etc.

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At we offer a wide range of generating set to meet your electricity supply demand. You can get a generator for your household to power your electrical appliances and also for a smooth running of businesses and hospitals where several life-preserving medical devices run on electricity, like ventilators. For a superior and effective alternative source of power supply, Zit Nigeria makes available, durable and of high quality engine generator with warranty from reliable brands such as Elepaq, Firman, Sumec Firman, Haier Thermocool and so on. Whenever you are thinking of buying a generator at a very affordable price and one that will suit your needs think


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  1. -8% lutian Super Silent Diesel Generator 6KVA
  2. -14%  Lutian 10KVA Electric Starting Professional Gasoline Generator
  3. -10% Firman ECO4990ES 3.4KVA Generator + Key Starter 100% COPPER
  4. -7% /1/_/1_39_.jpg
  5. -7% /1/_/1_13_.jpg
  6. -6% /s/u/sumec_firman_spg_3000e2__03940_1.jpg
  7. -9% /1/_/1_16__1.jpg
  8. -12% /s/p/spg-2900-2-5-kva-generator-manual-no-key-start-6784608_5.jpg
  9. -11% /s/v/sv_6500_1.jpg
  10. -11% /l/t/lt_3990.jpg
  11. -14% Lutian Generator - 3.8KVA With Key Starter - LT3900E
  12. -9% /l/t/lt_8000.jpg
  13. -10% /1/_/1_7__1.jpg
  14. -6% /1/_/1_1__1_1.jpg
  15. -13% /1/_/1_33_.jpg
  16. -16% /1/_/1_4__1.jpg
  17. -7% /1/_/1_18_.jpg
  18. -7% /e/c/eco10990es---9-8kva-generator-5531665_4.jpg
  19. -4% /1/_/1_19__1.jpg
  20. -8% /1/_/1_19_.jpg
  21. -12% /1/_/1_69_.jpg
  22. -9% /1/_/1_59_.jpg
  23. -4% /1/_/1_42_.jpg
  24. -6% /1/_/1_38_.jpg
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39 Items

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