Haier Thermocool Small Chest Freezer HTF-103H white

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hr103 white

Haier Thermocool Freezer | HTF 103 | white

Freezes your food items to keep them fresh

Efficient super freezing function

Adequate storage space

Storage capacity: 100L

Anti-rust protected

Colour: white

Thermocool HTF 103 has a freezer function with unique door-mounted fan, it provides accelerated cooling & freezing circulation with a 5% improvement in cooling & freezing efficiency, Zinc coated anti-rust body: Double layers, double protection.

100 hours Freeze Capacity

The 100-hours freezing capacity makes freezer content stay frozen for 100 hours even after power outage, which makes life convenient and stress-free.

Anti Rust Protected

The body of the freezer unit is zinc coated, which protects the freezer from rust.

Low Noise Operation

The low noise operation helps maintain a quieter environment.

7mm Insulation Thickness

The thick insulation will ensure better cooling retention during long hours of power cuts.

Super Freezing Function

Makes compressor work efficiently and increases its lifespan.

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