Haier Thermocool Small Chest Freezer HTF-98H

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Key Features

103 Litre Storage capacity

Dimensions mm (W*D*H) 570*550*845

Anti rust protected

75mm insulation thickness

100-hours (4 days) freezing capacity after power interruption

Simply a smaller model of the HTF-146H, this Haier Thermocool HTF-98H Chest Freezer will fit into even the smallest of spaces, providing unlimited and dependable freezing for all the family goods. 75mm insulation ensures no product will be left unfrozen, whilst up to 100 hours freezing capacity means that, even in the event of a power outage, your produce will remain frozen for up to four days following the occasion. Security and practicality comes in small packages.

100 hours Freeze Capacity: The 100-hours freezing capacity makes freezer content stay frozen for 100 hours even after power outage, which makes life convenient and stress-free.

Anti Rust Protected: The zinc coated body protects the freezer from rust.

Low Noise Operation: The low noise operation helps maintain a quieter environment.

Super Freezing Function: Makes compressor work efficiently and increases its lifespan

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