Haier Thermocool LED TV 32 Inch B8500

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Haier Thermocool B8500 32 Inch

Product features

USB Compatible so you can save your favorite TV clips & enjoy saved photos and music again and again.

Automatic Volume Leveler (AVL) to manage sudden volume changes when switching channels.

Up to 2 HDMI ports so you can connect multiple devices to your LED TV simultaneously.

Features in detail

The Haier Thermocool 32 inch LED B8500 Television comes with the latest picture-enhancing technology. Its sleek, two-tone black cabinet design with the metallic strip gives the TV a very polished classy look.

LED TV 32 inch B8500 Black features

USB Compatible: Use your TV like a computer. Save your favourite clips on to a USB stick straight from your TV and scroll through saved photos, listen to saved music, and watch saved clips from other devices on your TV Screen as well.

AVL - Automatic Volume Leveller: This feature makes sure that you don’t get sudden volume changes when switching from one channel to another or during a commercial breaks. Your TV is alert so you don’t have to be.

2 HDMI: Connect up to 2 HDMI-compatible devices at a time to your TV and effortlessly switch between your TV and your HDMI-compatible game console, DVD Player, mobile phone, camera and so much more giving you that proper home theatre experience.

DVB - Digital Video Broadcasting: Enjoy access to satellite, cable and terrestrial programming with consistently clear audio and visual quality.

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