Haier Thermocool Washing Machine 7kg FLA Washer HW70-1279S - Silver

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Product Features:

Wave Drum Technology

Intense Wash Cycle Option

Delicate Garment Protection

Extra Rinse Cycle Option

Quick Wash Programm

Washing Machine 7kg FLA Washer HW70-1279S (Silver)

Wave Drum: The Wave drum technology design produces a strong water wave during the washing cycle helping to clean and flush out your most stubborn stains from your wool or fabrics to give your clothes a great clean whilst still being delicate on your clothes.

Child Safety Lock: The program buttons are locked when the washer is on to protect your child and prevent any disruption to your laundry program

Quick Wash: The quick wash program is developed for lightly soiled clothes to be washed within a short time.

Delicate Specially designed for delicate garments especially cotton or synthetic.

Reserve Wash: This programme makes it easy to select a washing time,especially suitable for works and the areas where electricity is billed on the time basis.

Intense: There are some situations where a single cycle is not enough.The intense wash cycle will help make the clothing more cleaner.

Extra Rinse: The extra rinse cycle provides extra rinsing to ensure thorough rinsing of clothes and avoid damage to sensitive skin often caused by detergent.

ABT Treatment: This treatment helps prevent bacterial growth in your washing machine, extending its lifespan..

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