LG Washing Machine 1860 14 KG

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Key Features:

Roller Jet

Energy Saving

3 Washing Program

2 Sides Waterfall

Roller Jet: This helps to improve the washing performance of the washing machine

Lint Filter & Overflow Filter: This function will get rid of the lint from the washing tub when washing and limit the water level as pre-set.

3 Washing Program: You can select performance speed appropriate for all kinds of cloths. Gentle for underwear’s, normal for shirts and pants and strong for jeans

Water Selector: Switch to let water flow into either the washing tub or the spinning tub easily by using the handy water selector

Water Fall Function: Improves rinsing effect, Provides circulation of water, various and evenly strong washing currents, Detergent dissolution

Big Pulsator: More powerful on dirt, more gentle to cloths. Big Pulsator will give a high, strong washing performance

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