Nexus NX -1010 Popup Toaster

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The NX -1010 Popup Toaster by Nexus comes in a stainless steel body that gives your kitchen a stylish update without taking up space. Running on 800 watts of power, this 2-slice beauty features adjustable browning control and 7 settings. It can also be easily tucked into a kitchen cabinet when not in use, thanks to its small size, self-centering and cord storage. With settings and features that allow you to cancel, defrost or reheat plus an option to adjust the browning of your bread slices, the crumb tray ensures little or no litter. About NEXUS Nexus appliances are noted for durability, and the brand for great after sales services. With a vast range of home making products such as gas cookers, microwaves, refrigerators, water dispensers, air conditioners etc., today, it is recognised as one of the leading home appliance brands, providing top range solutions at very affordable prices.
Design: 2 Slice Colour: Red 220-240V 50Hz Power: 800W Stainless Steel Exterior
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