Skyrun Chest Freezer Bd350

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  • Model BD-350c
  • Big freezing capacity
  • Front water disposal device
  • Power indicator function
  • Super freezing  function
  • Storage basket optional
  • Compressor switch off function
  • Dimension(L*D*H mm): 1160*740*880
  • metal compressor room: yes
  • Wheel: yes
  • Door and handle type:PCM
  • Interior Sliding Glass Door:N/A
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Having a Skyrun freezer is one of the best decisions you might be making for your home and this is because of a number of reasons. Skyrun is a tested and trusted home and living brand which produces appliances for a better and more pleasurable living in the home. One of the reliable appliances that Skyrun offers you is the Skyrun freezer. Freezers are very much needed in the home but their usage is not limited to use in the home. They can be used in fast food restaurants and even in offices. They are of great value because they help to keep your food, drinks and fruits very cold to avoid spoilage.

Benefits of Having A Skyrun Chest Freezer

Skyrun freezer offers you a range of benefits that you will just not be able to say no to. Chest freezers are better than standing freezers because they have more space to take a large amount of foodstuff, drinks or fruits. This option is recommended especially if you have a home and a family. Also, they seal better thereby keeping air in them to cool your stuff and do not easily open unless you open them yourself. If you do not always have the time to stay at home, Skyrun freezer can help you to save the time and effort it would take to cook every single time you need to. With this freezer, you can simply cook your food for one or two weeks, freeze it and then warm portions when you need to eat. If you’re a vegetarian or someone who loves fruits, you could buy a ton and keep them in your freezer. This would ensure that they stay cool and fresh whenever you want to eat them. Also, in cases where you need to entertain visitors in your home, you can readily do so without having to bother when you already have a couple drinks in your refrigerator. Skyrun freezers are reliable and durable with a warranty that guarantees you topnotch value.

The low noise operation helps maintain a quieter environment. Super Freezing Function Makes compressor work efficiently and increases its lifespan With the guaranteed optimum performance, this product is bound to meet all of your home needs. BD 350which posses the following attribute like


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,anti- rust cabinet,led light, energy saving,external condenser, compressor cooling fan, cfc free, thick insulation etc.


Defrosting system: Manual

Storage Basket:Optional

Freezing capacity in 24hrs(kg):21.0

LED Interior Light: Optional

Water Disposal Device: yes


sky run product has prove to be the fastest rising product ion the whole of west Africa know for their quality of goods and durability.Try this product with a differnce.


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    Very Good Freezer

    Posted by Ken on 22nd May 2020

    I bought this SKYRUN CHEST FREEZER BD350 at an affordable price.
    Been using it for months now. I've not had any reason to worry or change any of its parts. Even if there'll be any reason to do any maintenance or repairs, it comes with a warranty that covers the item.