Saisho Coil Electric Hotplate - White Double Hp-10

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Saisho Electric Hot Plate HP - 10 is the efficient way to prepare and warm meals with the use of electricity. It is durable to perform your cooking needs and very economical for everyone as it reduce the cost of spending money to buy food in eatery or refilling the gas cylinder every time To ensure the hot plate gives you value for your money, it has been made with premium materials that last long. When there is power supply and you need to warm your cooked food, all you need do is plug the hot plate to a wall outlet and let your gas cylinder rest. It is ideal mostly for students in university to prepare quick meals before heading for class which makes them save cash while enjoying home cook meals. The sealed hot plate design comes in a compact style and is portable to carry about as well as not occupying so much space but will fit into anywhere. This would be loved by students knowing that after every meal you can pack it up and keep in your locker to prevent theft. It has a non-slippery design that allows you place on any surface and comes with an indicator light to let you know when it is switch on and off. The white colour electric hot plate makes it easy to clean by wiping with moist kitchen towel.
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