Saisho Electric Oven - S-915

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The Saisho Electric Oven S-915 has been designed to let you make a variety of dishes in quick time. It is a handy appliance that should be found in every kitchen because of its effectiveness and high performance. Its compact design and portable style makes it easy for it to sit on your kitchen top without taking up much space. It has a transparent front cover that enables you monitor the grilling or baking process. It comes with different features that make it very easy to use. There are three different knobs for temperature control, oven selection and time setting. The time selector can be set from a minimum of 5 minutes to a maximum of 60 minutes. The Saisho Electric Oven S-915 is ideal for both grilling and baking. Having this oven in your home will give you the option of preparing a wide range of dishes with ease. You can comfortably grill chicken, fish, pork and bake mouth-watering snacks that your family will find simply irresistible. It has a simple operation and does not require any form of installation before you can use it. Simply plug into an outlet and starting baking. It is energy efficient and has a low noise operation which makes it the ideal oven for all homes.
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