LG CM4750 1000 Watt Shelf System with Subwoofer

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LG CM4750


- Repeat songs: Yes

- Schedule Songs and Tracks: Yes (60)

- Key lock: Yes - USB recording: Yes

- Double USB: Yes

- Bluetooth: Yes

- Deleting files: Yes

- TV Sound Sync: Yes

- Remote control: Yes

LG CM4750 1000 Watt Shelf System with Sub-woofer

Auto Music Play by LG Range of Flow

- Automatically sync and play music from your smart phone or tablet just by standing close to your LG Hi-Fi System. LG Range-of-Flow TM technology uses Bluetooth to detect where you are and can automatically transition playback from your mobile device to the system just by standing near the system.

Multi-Point Bluetooth

- Let your party go Wild. This system has the ability to connect multiple (up to 3) Bluetooth devices simultaneously. Control from three different devices or let your friends also send music to the System. Indeed, a great party always becomes better when everyone chips in.

Music Flow Bluetooth Application

- LG Music Flow Bluetooth Application makes accessing music from your phone easy. Pick what you want to listen to or let the app do the work based on your mood.

TV Sound Sync

- Simply connect your LG audio system to your LG TV and enjoy powerful sound wireless via Bluetooth.


- Allows simple "tag and go" pairing between system and compatible Bluetooth devices like Smart Phones and tablets.

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