Sumec Firman Generator Set SPG 1800

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SPG 1800


  • Alternator-Brushless,self exciting, synchronous,2- pole 100% Copper Enameled Wire
  • Starting System-Recoil
  • Fuel Tank Capacity-5.5L
  • Fuel-Petrol
  • Run Time per Tankful-8Hrs@50%Load

The Sumec Firman Generator SPG 1800 by Sumec series is a feature of one cylinder, four stroke petrol engines. The engines vary in capacity depending on rated output power.

AC Output (220V/50Hz): 1.1kva Max 1.0kva Rated

DC Output (12V/8.3A): Yes

Phase No. : Single Phase

Power Factor: 1.0

Engine: SFE90 Max 3.0HP Air Cooled OHV Single Cylinder, 4-Stroke

Alternator: Brush less, Capacitor 100% Copper Enameled Wire

Fuel Tank: Capacity 5.5L

Fuel: Petrol

Starting System: Recoil

4-Wheel: Kit None

Wheel & Handle: Kit Option

Battery: None

Noise Level@7m: 68dB(A)

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